Ayrton Senna : 21.03.60 – 01.05.94

What could have been…

F1 Paddock Pass

We remember the date. Perhaps where we were. We remember that moment in time when the motorsport world held its collective breath and then grieved as one… the passing of the legendary Ayrton Senna. A nation in mourning, a family devastated and a name immortalised forever.


In the past twenty one years, there has been a huge amount written about Ayrton Senna. Over 100 books have been written about his life and death, we’ve had a BAFTA winning film produced, countless other documentaries and theories delivered on that fateful accident. Anyone who has followed the @F1PaddockPass Twitter feed will know that Ayrton was one of my childhood heroes. For a long time, it wasn’t the same without him and I’ve often wondered over the years: what would it have been like if he walked away from that accident on lap seven?


Imagine, if you will the sight above.

Moments before…

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